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Owners at La Jolla del Mar can enjoy full ownership with a deed, or fideicomiso in place.  A bank trust here in Baja and other places in Mexico is called a fideicomiso.

Not every unit at La Jolla del Mar offers the ability for the buyer to get a bank trust within a common 30 to 60 day escrow period, so make sure you have someone represent you who can offer some due diligence to protect your interests, if your goal is to get title within a 60 day period.

To learn more about bank trusts and how to use them in Baja real estate, simply read the article “Fideicomiso – The Mexican Bank Trust in Simple English.”

There are some condos at La Jolla del Mar that have liens.  This is an obstacle that can be solved, but it is much easier to solve before you put money down on the unit.  Please feel free to contact us and we will show you what is available and what is the time frame to “close” and get title on a condo.

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