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La Jolla del Mar is located 30 minutes south of the border, and less than 10 minutes south of Rosarito. They are the first tall buildings you will see as you enter the free road by the La Paloma exit.

From Interstate 805 or 5 in San Diego, cross the border into Mexico at the San Ysidro border crossing.

When you get into Mexico get your car near the middle of all the lanes to avoid being forced right off the first ramp, which is about 300 yards away from the border.

You are looking to continue straight onto a bridge/overpass about half a mile from the border.

Once you are on the bridge, get yourself over to the far right. Cars may be veering into you as they try to merge to the left as this is a bottle neck situation, so just drive slow.

Still on the bridge, take the ramp on the right hand side that is marked Rosarito, Ensenada.

5 minutes later, drive up a steep hill along the border fence/wall. Then you will drop down a hill as the road turns south and inland away from the border fence/wall. Watch for signs directing you to Rosarito, Ensenada, or Playas de Tijuana and follow them, exiting to the right.

You will drive up a hill and come to a turn off for Playas de Tijuana. Move to the left lane so you don’t go to Playas de Tijuana. By doing so you will enter the toll road also known as the scenic road, called the “Cuota” or the “Escenica” in Spanish.

Heading south, you will come to a toll both in which you will pay about $2.50 USD. They accept and give change U.S. dollars. From this toll both, Rosarito is about 10 to 15 minutes farther south. The speed limits are in kilometers. 100 kilometers per hour is about 62 miles per hour.

To get to La Jolla del Mar or Real, there is no need to drive into the town of Rosarito. Simply stay on the toll road and you will go past Rosarito.

Near the south side of Rosarito, take the exit marked La Paloma, Las Rocas, Calafia, Popotla, and continue on the free road. You are just a few minutes away!

Keep driving south for about 5 minutes with the ocean on your right hand side. If you look straight ahead you will see four tall buildings getting closer. These buildings will be the first tall buildings you will see since you entered the free road.

The first two buildings you will see are of a slightly darker color, and there is also a car entrance before arriving at a Pemex gas station with a small Oxxo convenience store. Do not take this exit, as this is the entrance to La Jolla Real.

Drive past the Pemex gas station, and you can move to the right lane as you will have to get off the road in a moment. Keep driving and you will see a beige shopping center and right after it an arched entryway. This is the entrance to La Jolla Del Mar, the two lighter color buildings. Turn right and ask the security guard to let you in.

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