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The Restricted Zone – The Most Valuable of All Baja Real Estate

Over the years, ownership policies of Baja real estate have evolved.  Mexico now embraces foreign investors and second-home owners who want to acquire Mexican real estate.  However , those who set out to purchase real estate in Baja are confronted with many different types of land that can be purchased , and not all have the same value. Let’s look at the four major types […]

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Baja Oceanfront Real Estate: An Apples-to-Apples Comparison

On your search for Baja oceanfront real estate, you will encounter many different terms referring to an oceanfront real estate.  You need to know what kind of property they are really talking about.  Because each person has unique tastes and desires, any or all of these types may interest you.  Here are some of the most […]

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Buying Real Estate in Baja? You Need a Fideicomiso!

What is a Fideicomiso? The Mexican bank trust is an instrument commonly used for non-Mexican nationals, such as U.S. citizens and Canadians, to purchase coastal land in Mexico.  This bank trust in Mexico is known as a fideicomiso.  When talking about Baja real estate in English, most people use the term “bank trust” simply because it is easier to pronounce than fideicomiso, but when talking […]

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Baja Real Estate 101 – Introduction

This is just a very basic introduction about how to buy real estate in Baja.  First of all, let me assure you that, yes!  You, as an American or foreign investor, can buy real estate in Baja and have permanent ownership of that land.  There are no 99 year leases, nor can the Mexican government […]

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