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Rancho del Mar is a development of single-family homes located about 30 minutes south of border.

The ocean views are one of the top attractions of owning or visiting a home in Rancho del Mar. Within the ocean view you will see the Coronado Islands, sunsets, and rolling hills. The utilities lines are underground, so they don’t factor in obstructing the ocean view.

Another nice feature is that the streets are elevated away from the coast so that homes can focus on maximizing the ocean views. Rooftop decks are awesome and common for extra views.

One financial Benefit of owning at Rancho del Mar is the low association payment of about $40 to $80 dollars month, depending on factors such as if you have a house built or not on your lot. This mostly covers the cost of the guards on duty, 24 hours daily, and associated security costs.

There are no restrictions on rentals. Seeing neighbors outdoors walking their dogs is common. Street parking is accepted. The streets are paved and are not cobblestone.

Rancho del Mar is structured as a fraccionamiento and not a Régimen de Condominio. Most owners hold title in the form of an escritura, straight deed, or a fideicomisio, known as a bank trust in English.
Rancho del Mar is in the municipality of Rosarito, and not Tijuana. The zip code is 22740. Google Maps will easily guide you to the entrance gate.

The highway off ramp is shared with other communities and the convention center, called the Baja California Center. You will find plenty of supermarkets, restaurants, and nearly every service a couple of minutes away in Rosarito.

The development started in 1999 with the plan including over 366 residential vacant lots for sale to be rolled out over 3 phases.

The buyers of these lots would build their own houses using their own financing, architects, and contractors. Zero lot line building is accepted, meaning that you can build right up the lot line alongside your neighbor. Given that many lot sizes are in the 250 to 350 square meter
range, two story houses are the norm. Some homeowners do have larger outdoor areas and have built-in barbecues and jacuzzies, play areas, dog runs, etc.

Given the lifespan of the development, you can see that homes have changed in style over the decades, in which some are more traditional with Spanish or Mexican architectural influences, and some have included more modern characteristics.

The underground utilities include internet lines, electricity, and water. Water is supplied by the state run CESPT therefore, water truck delivery is not necessary. Sewer is also supplied by the CESPT, so individual septic tanks are not needed as is common with other communities on
the east side of the highway. Most homes have large propane gas tanks so a gas truck will deliver propane to each home on an individual basis.

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