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  • Palacio del Mar
    Visit the best amenities offered in Baja - Palacio del Mar!

Baja Real Estate is our Focus

We are a Real Estate Agency located in Rosarito, Baja California and our focus is taking our experience in the Baja Real Estate market and matching it to your goals and needs while protecting your funds assuring title is delivered.

Our combined years of experience as Baja Real Estate Professionals will help you finalize the sale or purchase of your Baja Investment in the minimum amount of time possible within the given market conditions. 

Please feel free to browse our website. We have a diverse selection of Baja Real Estate Listings ranging from Oceanfront Condos and Homes, Ocean view and ocean front undeveloped land to Ocean view Condos and Single Family Homes, both north and south of Rosarito Beach.  We also have a lot of Properties for Rent available to offer that you can find on our top menu. 

We will take you through the buying or selling process, providing clear title and protecting both parties via escrow accounts. 

We are fully dedicated to assure that your Baja Real Estate experience will be just like you hoped it would be – exceptional and secure.

Featured Properties

Delivering Title – Baja Real Estate

Here in northern Baja some people may lead you to believe that it is the wild west.

When working with us, expect to learn of the methods to keep your funds safe as you buy and receive clear title to property in Baja.

Buying in Baja California, Mexico does not have to be risky business. We have a history of over 10 years of all of our buyers having great success with their investments.

Interview with us and we will show you the safest methods to purchase real estate in Baja. Ask around, talk to people in the neighborhoods to learn of the solid transactions we have executed for many.

Please set an appointment today.

Mario Restrepo
Baja Real Estate Enthusiast.

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  • Buyer Financing Options: How to Finance Your Baja Real Estate Purchase

    How to Finance your Baja Real Estate Purchase Buyers looking to purchase a property in the coastal region of Baja, Mexico, in today’s market, finance the purchase of a property in a number of different ways. Buyer cash on hand is the most common way. Bank financing is less common but still happening, and seller…

  • Palacio del Mar AMPI Real Estate Caravan August 2019

    The Real Estate Caravan is a monthly tour organized by AMPI (the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals) in which every member is invited to attend for an opportunity get to visit and know more about fabulous listings from other AMPI Realtors. This month, we were happy to include Palacio del Mar as one of…

  • Palacio del Mar: High-end oceanfront development

    If you come to Baja often, you have likely driven past Palacio del Mar, the high-end oceanfront development with two tall towers that stand out from the surrounding coast, just south of the dunes of Primo Tapia. Palacio del Mar started its development in 2006 when the real estate bubble was at its peak. Back…

  • Internet access for Baja Rentals

    There are 3 ways to get internet access for Baja rentals. Of all these ways, the most common here in Baja, and probably the least expensive from a long-term renter’s point of view, is to get internet access from the local telephone company, Telnor. The other two ways of getting internet access are via satellite…

  • Propane gas options in Baja rentals

    Propane gas – 4 options found in all Baja rentals Let’s say you found a rental house in Baja that uses propane gas to take away some of the bite off of the electric bill. Great, you will save money. But since propane gas is relatively inexpensive, the main concern with this utility is not…

  • Palacio del Mar Walking Tour

    Tour Palacio del Mar, the most elite community on the coast. 12:30 noon, Every Saturday through Spring and Summer, at Palacio del Mar. The amenities at Palacio del Mar are truly excellent, large, and worth visiting to just know what kind of ocean front luxuries people are enjoying on a daily basis, just south of…

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