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Commercial Space for Sale in La Jolla del Mar Rosarito

For saleCommercialBaja CaliforniaPlayas de Rosarito22713Commercial Space #17, La Jolla del Mar; Blvd. Popotla 3114, Playa Encantada, Rosarito, Baja 22713

Commercial Space #17, La Jolla del Mar; Blvd. Popotla 3114, Playa Encantada, Rosarito, Baja 22713

Commercial Space #17, La Jolla del Mar; Blvd. Popotla 3114, Playa Encantada, Rosarito, Baja 22713
  • 1 bath
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  • Description:

    This versatile commercial space for sale in La Jolla del Mar is ideal for various business operations, including:

    • A classroom
    • Adult or child learning center
    • Call center
    • Small seminar space
    • Admin offices
    • Workout space
    • An office for real estate agents needing desk areas

    The space is designed to provide a productive and comfortable environment, boasting several modern upgrades and conveniences.


    • Location: Situated on the second floor with retail spaces below, ensuring privacy and a quiet working environment. The location offers parking and is conveniently close to town.
    • Layout: The space includes a large classroom-style great room equipped with several in-floor electrical outlets, perfect for accommodating multiple workstations or a seminar setup. Additionally, two small offices are ideal for private meetings, a manager, meeting clients or focused work.
    • Kitchenette: A fully equipped kitchenette featuring a serving counter, sink, cabinets, microwave, and water cooler. All serving items, such as plates, cups, and glasses, are provided, making it easy to cater to employees or guests.
    • Bathroom: A bathroom with all necessary fixtures ensures comfort and convenience for staff and visitors.


    • Finished Walls: Smooth and modern finished walls provide a professional appearance.
    • Floor Tile with Electric Grid: Durable floor tiles with an electric grid ensure comfortable heating during colder months.
    • Ceiling Tile and Lighting: The space is well-lit with modern ceiling tiles and lighting fixtures, creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere.
    • Air Conditioning and Heating Mini Splits (2): Two mini-split units provide efficient heating and cooling, ensuring a comfortable environment year-round.
    • Office and Small Conference Room: Equipped with telephone connections, these rooms are perfect for administrative tasks, meetings, or private calls.
    • Vertical Blinds on Front Windows: Vertical blinds are installed on all front windows for privacy and light control.
    • Furniture: The space comes furnished with 14 folding tables and 28 upholstered chairs, a small meeting table, desk and book shelves, ready for immediate use.

    Ideal Uses:

    • Classroom or Adult Learning Center: The large great room with electrical outlets is perfect for setting up multiple student desks or workstations.
    • Call Center: The environment is ideal for call center cubicles, with ample space for agents and necessary connections for telephony.
    • Seminar or Workshop Space: The versatile layout and furniture make it easy to configure for seminars, workshops, or training sessions.
    • Admin Offices or Real Estate Office: The private offices and open workspace provide a flexible setup for administrative tasks or a real estate office where agents can have their desk areas.
    • Workout Space: The spacious, open area can also be adapted for a workout space, with easy access to facilities and parking for clients.

    This commercial space offers a unique combination of privacy, modern amenities, and flexibility, making it an excellent choice for various business needs.


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