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Around La Jolla del Mar

There are plenty of small businesses near La Jolla del Mar that include everything from restaurants, shops, a gas station, liquor store, art shops, and more.


At the high end of the list is the Topanco Steak House located south of La Jolla del Mar on the west side of the road. They have a nice old Western setting, and have a menu that can satisfy a lot of different needs as they also serve seafood, Mexican food plates, and nice salads.

Located at La Jolla del Mar is the Mongolian Grill that has now been around for years and is highly recommended.

For fish tacos, try Tacos Junior just north of Jolla del Mar, or Los Unicos, south of La Jolla del Mar, on the way to Topanco Steak House.

Tequila and General Store

Across the street and a bit north from La Jolla del Mar is the Del Mar general store which has a great Tequila selection. The owner, Blass, is from Guadalajara, and takes great pride in his collection.


For Arts, go across the street and venture in either direction, north and south, to see the multitude of artists that work wrought iron, rustic wood furniture, oil on canvas, mosaics, and more.

This area or art works along this boulevard is known “Boulevard Artesanal Popotla.”


On the north side of La Jolla del Mar is the Pemex gas station. Fill up before you cross over the border as gas in Mexico has been significantly less expensive than California gas over the last 6 years.

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