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Buyer-side Tax Considerations

This article is dedicated to the topic of all of the taxes a Baja real estate buyer will have to deal with during and after the buying process.  This includes the taxes you pay when you purchase the property, in front of the notario when you close, and the property taxes you will be paying […]

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Escrow in Baja Real Estate Transactions – Controlling Buyer Costs

Escrow in Baja The greatest differences between escrow services in a Baja Real Estate transaction and a U.S. real estate transaction are the timing and paying of escrow.  In the U.S., escrow services are generally paid at the close of the transaction with funds from the sale.  Here in Baja, most escrow companies charge escrow fees at […]

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14 Parties Involved in a Baja Real Estate Transaction

When entering into a Baja real estate transaction, there are many important parties who will ultimately form part of the process.  It’s very important that none of these parties be overlooked, and that all be kept in communication with the rest so that everything flows smoothly.  The first and most obvious parties in the transaction are the buyer, […]

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Closing Coordinators for Baja Real Estate Transactions

Responsibilities of Baja Real Estate Closing Coordinators in Simple English When there is an accepted offer to purchase Baja real estate, it is the closing coordinators responsibility to gather all the documents and paperwork necessary to close, in order to allow for the transferring of title as agreed upon by all parties. The closing coordinator is usually […]

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Buying New Baja Real Estate – 8 Questions You Must Have Answered

When considering buying new Baja real estate from a developer in Mexico, it is important to understand the differences between the buying process you are accustomed to and what is common and legal in Mexico.  There are many financial and title transfer considerations that you should take into account.  This article will help you ask questions that […]

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