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Baja Oceanfront Real Estate: An Apples-to-Apples Comparison

Club Marena, Rosarito, Baja - Villas

On your search for Baja oceanfront real estate, you will encounter many different terms referring to an oceanfront real estate.  You need to know what kind of property they are really talking about.  Because each person has unique tastes and desires, any or all of these types may interest you.  Here are some of the most common Baja oceanfront property types.

Cliff Oceanfront with Beach Access via Stairs

Not many properties are advertised as “Cliff Oceanfront with Beach Access via Stairs,” but should be.  A property advertised as cliff oceanfront is a property that sits on top of a hill or cliff overlooking the beach.  These properties generally have an unobstructed ocean view that will never be compromised.  There is beach access via stairs, so you can go to the beach without leaving your community or home.

When looking at a cliff oceanfront home with beach access, there are two things you need to consider.  First, what kind of beach do you have access to?  While some beaches are sandy year-round, others are rocky or seasonably sandy.  Second, how high is your cliff?  If it is low, you may want to look into purchasing a Federal Zone Concession for the beach property below, but if the cliff is high enough, there is no need to fear that someone might block your ocean view.

Some of the best cliff oceanfront homes and condos with beach access are found in Club MarenaLas GaviotasCosta Bella, and in phases 1 and 2 of Puerta del Mar.

Cliff Oceanfront without Beach Access

When you encounter a home described as “Cliff Oceanfront without Beach Access” you will find the same type of property mentioned above but without private beach access.  You have the same unobstructed ocean views, and depending on the height of the cliff, the security of knowing that your ocean view will probably never be blocked.

Not having a staircase to access the beach provides you with more privacy, and if you still want to visit the beach, there will be many beautiful beaches close to your home.

The club section of Plaza del Mar is an excellent example of one of these communities.

Rocky Oceanfront

“Rocky Oceanfront” properties are those located right on the beach (touching the Federal Zone), but also near a river or other body of water that deposits rocks on the beach.  While these rocks form the majority of the beach, some of these beaches also have seasonal sand.  When the summer arrives, ocean currents sometimes carry away the rocks leaving a temporarily sandy beach. 

When considering one of these homes, ask whether the beach is rocky year round or whether it has seasonal sand.  You may also want to consider whether the beach has public or private access.

There are many communities in our area with rock oceanfront homes.  Three of our favorites are Mision Viejo, Las Ventanas, and Rancho Reynoso.

Seasonal Sand Oceanfront

Another type of seasonal sand property is “Seasonal Sand Oceanfront.”  These homes are also located right on the beach.  They have rocky beaches part of the year and sandy beaches the rest of the year.  Generally, the summer swells take away rocks and bring sand; winter swells bring the rocks back and wash away the sand.

These homes are ideal for those who want year-round beach access with a variety of beach scenery and can be found in Calafia, Mision Viejo, and Las Ventanas.

Year-Round Sand Oceanfront

Homes with “Year Round Sand Oceanfront” are located on beautiful year-round sandy beaches.  These beaches have few or no rocks and are therefore ideal for those who love walking their dogs or jogging.

While they are often the most desired of all oceanfront properties, they tend to be more expensive.  When considering one of these homes, be sure to check on public access to your home (security) and potential erosion issues.  Also, to guarantee that your ocean view will never be obstructed, you may want to consider purchasing the Federal Zone Concession for the beach in front of your home.

You can find these homes in Playa BlancaLa Jolla del Mar, La Mision, and section 4 of Plaza del Mar.

Ocean Access

If the home has ocean access, you will want to find out how that access is protected.  It could be protected by a Federal Zone Concession or by regulations of the homeowners’ association (HOA), or it may be unprotected.  If the access begins within the community and the community holds the Federal Zone Concession where the beach ends, you should have protected access.  If the beach is outside of the community, your access may change with time or could stay the same forever.  It is simply an unknown.

Ocean View

Ocean views can also be protected or temporary.  In some cases, they are protected by geography, high elevation, or having a strip of land in front of your home too small to build on.  HOA restrictions may also protect your ocean view.  An unprotected or temporary ocean view means that someone may build in front of your home at some point in time, blocking part or all of your ocean view.  Villas San Pedro is not an oceanfront community but is an example of geographically protected ocean views.

Now that you have your Apples-to-Apples comparison of Baja oceanfront properties, you can enjoy shopping for your Baja real estate!

by Jenna Pepin

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