Driving Directions to Playa Blanca, Baja and Playa Blanca Google Map

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To get to Playa Blanca from San Diego, cross the international border at the San Ysidro crossing.  About half a  mile past the border you will drive onto a bridge/overpass.  Look for the signs and ramp on the right-hand side that lead you to Ensenada via Cuota.  This ramp will come up quickly, so make sure you slow down and get yourself over to the right.

The Cuota is the toll road, also called the Scenic Road, or Escenica.  Keep this in mind because you want to stay on the toll road to get to Playa Blanca and to the rest of Rosarito.

Over the next couple of miles, you will drive along the international border fence heading west.  There can be construction at any time, but you just need to follow the signs for Ensenada, Rosarito, and Playas de Tijuana.

About 10 minutes from the border you will see signs for Playas de Tijuana.  This means you are on the right track.  However, when you come to the actual exit for Playas de Tijuana, do not exit.  Stay left to continue on the toll road.  You will come to a toll booth in which you will pay about $2.50 U.S. dollars.  If you pay in dollars, they will give change in dollars.

After paying the toll, you will drive about 8 minutes more to arrive at Playa Blanca.  Stay on the toll road until you see a bridge crossing the toll road.  As soon as you go under this bridge, Playa Blanca is the next exit on the right-hand side of the road, the west or beachside.

Pull up to the guard gate.  You will need an appointment with someone in Playa Blanca to be allowed inside Playa Blanca.


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