Amenities at La Jolla Excellence


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Amenities at La Jolla Excellence

La Jolla Excellence has a long list of amenities that make this development the perfect place for a dream vacation home or a relaxed beachside lifestyle.

Below is a list of the amenities:

  • Ocean Front Swimming Pools
    There will be 10 adult pools in the development, three of which will be covered. The other pools are surrounded by beautifully landscaped areas and also have nearby jacuzzis.
  • Jacuzzis
    There are a total of 10 jacuzzis in La Jolla Excellence. 

  • Sandy Beach
    The development will have access to 2 sandy beaches. One will be the beach area that's in front of La Jolla Real, which is secured and lit at night. The second beach is naturally enclosed by a cove on both sides, which makes this beach completely private. Access to this beach will be located on the common grounds at La Jolla Excellence.development has private access to a beautiful beach with soft clear sand that is uninterrupted by cliffs or rocks.  This beach has sand all year round.
  • Club Houses
    There will be a total of 4 clubhouses.
  • Restaurant Bar
    Enjoy a drink while taking in the beautiful ocean views without having to leave the community!
  • Kids playground
    Fun, safe areas for the youngest residents at La Jolla Excellence.
  • Indoor theater
    Watch movies, games or sports matches on the indoor theater.
  • Dog Care and Clinic
    The staff at the dog care clinic will be ready to groom, care for, or check on your pet's health anytime.
  • Barbecue Areas
    There are also barbecue grills by the beachside on the development, ideal for family cookouts and holidays.

  • Gyms
    There will be a total of 3 fitness rooms fully equipped with everything you need for a complete workout.

  • Lavish gardens, walkways and jogging trails
    If you enjoy walking as exercise or just taking long walks to relax, there are many smooth paved walkways surrounded by beautiful garden landscaping and casual sun protected sitting areas to enjoy the sea view.

  • Multiple sports courts
    These courts can be used to play different sports to suit whatever you're in the mood to play.

  • 24 Hour Security
    A manned guard gate, 24 hours a day, with additional on-site security

  • 50 Minutes South of the Border
    In addition to being 3 minutes south of Rosarito, La Jolla Excellence is also only 50 minutes south of the border.  Check out the location and directions.