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4 Baja Real Estate Buyers You Must Sell to for a Top Cash Offer!

Selling Baja Real Estate Effectively

Did you know that most Baja real estate listing information is either deleted or skipped even though the property for sale may have been just what the buyer was looking for? This is true because not only are Baja home buyers looking at pictures and prices, they are also reading for benefits that fit their needs.

There are four personality types that should be recognized and addressed individually when trying to sell your home.  In order to assure that your Baja home for sale will not be skipped by a potential buyer, you have to clearly describe the benefits of your home in a way that matches the emotional motivation and needs of the buyer.

Below is a synopsis of the four personality types with advice on who they are, what they want, and how to induce them to buy your Baja real estate. 

The Driver Type

The first type of potential buyer is the Purpose-Driven, Determined type.  He strives to get what he wants, fast.  To sell your home to him, tell it like it is and get to the point fast.  He can be tactless and does not shy away from conflict, but don’t be intimidated by him.  If he’s taken the time to argue with you, he’s probably interested in your home.  He is hardworking and vision-seeking, has high energy and simply wants to know what your home has to offer and how it will benefit him.

You can reach him best with lines like: “… do business right from your Baja home office” or “just minutes from your Baja home to every major attraction…”

The Expressive Type

The second person looking at your home will be the Expressive type.  They are very enthusiastic about everything in life and tend to be good sellers themselves.  They are very people-oriented and love social opportunities.  Intuitive and impulsive by nature, they communicate well even when they don’t have all the facts.  They are good motivators, and are often competitive and willing to exaggerate or leave out facts.  Being sociable and people-oriented, they love testimonials.

They can be sold with lines such as: “Impress any first time visitor to Baja with your beach access…” or “Neighbors say this home has the best view in the community.”

The Amiable Type

The third buyer you will encounter in Baja is the Amiable type.  He is highly sensitive and can be very quiet and soft-spoken.  He is very private and avoids conflict at all costs.  In fact, to escape a potential discussion, he will agree with you outwardly while disagreeing inwardly.  He is family-oriented, but very logical and likes to think things through for a while before making his decisions.  He is also very security-conscious and likes tranquility and stability.

“Baja vacation home where the whole family enjoys being together…” or “Quiet neighborhood with 24-hour security…” are comments that are sure to grab his attention… even if he doesn’t let on.

The Analytical Type

The last person you need to sell your home to is the Analytical or Artistic type, that highly emotional and detail-oriented person who has a difficult time making decisions without having ALL the facts.  They may appear to be critical, but are usually just getting the facts straight and analyzing all of the details.  They can be pessimistic in nature, but are very perceptive.  They like numbers and tend to try to quantify everything, but they are also aesthetically moved by the things that please them artistically.

To sell your home to them, use facts and details.  “Best value in Baja in its class per square foot…” or “Breath-taking sunset views from large, wrap-around patio.”

Some Final Tips…

When selling a home here in Baja, make sure that you address all these personality types in your property description.  Everyone should be addressed early in your description, and without wordiness.  Your real estate writing should address the Driver personality first; otherwise you will lose him by the end of the first paragraph.  The Analytical type can be saved for last, because he will be sure to read and analyze every line of your description word for word.  Finally, be sure to readdress everyone again and again throughout your listing.

Feel free to help your Baja agent or real estate writer address all of the four personality types, and make sure they include the benefits that your Baja home has to offer each one of them.

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