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Palacio del Mar is located 50 minutes south of the Tijuana and San Diego international border.  Palacio del Mar is also just 15 minutes south of Rosarito, and 7 minutes south of Puerto Nuevo, known as the lobster village.

Palacio del Mar directions

Palacio del Mar is well marked with a large sign out in front.  The main entrance has large wooden gates, a large driveway, and guards on duty to assist you when you arrive.

You can access Palacio del Mar via the Toll Road or the Free Road.  There is a toll road highway ramp just 1 mile south of Palacio del Mar and this toll road will take you to Rosarito, Tijuana, and Ensenada.  From Palacio del Mar you can also take the free road to access many of the local restaurants, businesses, and stores.

Palacio del Mar Directions

Here is the google map link to our location:

And here are the step by step instructions: From Interstate 805 or 5 in San Diego, cross the border into Mexico at the San Ysidro border crossing.

Enter Mexico through the new border crossing entry facilities in which you will be well guided through the random inspection zone.  Once you clear the inspection area stay to your right and look for a sign that will lead you to Rosarito and Ensenada, which is on the right side as you exit the area.

Over the next 5 minutes, you will drive on a road which is parallel to the USA and Mexico border and then you will drive up a steep hill alongside the border fence/wall.   Watch for obvious signs and follow them.

5 minutes later you will drop down a hill as the road turns south and inland away from the border fence/wall.  At the bottom of this hill is a turn-off to your right that you must take.  It should be well signed for Rosarito or Ensenada.

You will drive up a hill and come to a turn off for Playas de TijuanaVeer to the left lane so you don’t go to Playas de Tijuana.  By doing so you will enter the toll road heading south and you will come to a toll booth for which you will pay about $2.50 USD.

10 minutes later notice the large, new for 2012, ocean-themed convention center on the east side of the road.  Shortly, you will approach Rosarito.  There is no need to drive into the town of Rosarito to get south of Rosarito.  Simply stay on the toll road, passing Rosarito on your west side.

You can stay on the toll road and on the south side of the Rosarito there is another toll gate. 

Some people may want to veer off of the toll road to explore and to take the free road.  To do so, near the south side of Rosarito, take the exit marked La Paloma, Las Rocas, Calafia, Popotla.  At the end of this ramp, turn left to head south and continue on the free road.  You can take the free road all the way to Palacio del Mar if you like.  This will add about 10 minutes to the driving time.

If you are still on the toll road, after the toll booth in Rosarito, drive south about 10 minutes taking you past Calafia and the huge Jesus Statue on the hill.

Palacio del Mar St. Tropez & Marbella Towers

Further down the toll road, you will see the nice sand dunes hugging the coast.  About 1 mile south of the sand dunes notice the 2 tall condo towers start to appear.  This is Palacio del Mar.   While on the toll road drive past these towers for about 1 mile to the exit signed “Cuenca Lechera”.  Take this exit and drive back north on the toll road 1 mile to the Palacio del Mar entrance.  

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