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Buyer Financing Options: How to Finance Your Baja Real Estate Purchase

How to Finance your Baja Real Estate Purchase Buyers looking to purchase a property in the coastal region of Baja, Mexico, in today’s market, finance the purchase of a property in a number of different ways. Buyer cash on hand is the most common way. Bank financing is less common but still happening, and seller […]

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Buying New Baja Real Estate – 8 Questions You Must Have Answered

When considering buying new Baja real estate from a developer in Mexico, it is important to understand the differences between the buying process you are accustomed to and what is common and legal in Mexico.  There are many financial and title transfer considerations that you should take into account.  This article will help you ask questions that […]

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Direct Owner Financing for Buyers of Baja Real Estate

The role of owner financing in Baja Since the end of 2010 through 2012, many buyers have come off the bench to buy as the Baja real estate market has reached such a low point. Some of these buyers are actual owner users and some of these buyers are investors who have purchased several properties as a […]

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