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Why NOT to use a Mexican Corporation to Buy Baja Real Estate

As a non-Mexican citizen buying real estate in Baja, there are several ways to hold title.  The two highest forms of title come in the form of using a fideicomiso (a Mexican bank trust), or creating a Mexican corporation which will hold the title to your property.  Many people choose to use a Mexican corporation as […]

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8 FAQs Concerning Baja Real Estate

FAQ #1: What is the better and/or the most popular way for non-Mexican nationals to acquire Baja real estate? The most popular way is also by far the best way. Non-Mexican nationals prefer to own Baja real estate using the highest form of ownership that is possible for them. They use an instrument called a fideicomiso, […]

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Buying Real Estate in Baja? You Need a Fideicomiso!

What is a Fideicomiso? The Mexican bank trust is an instrument commonly used for non-Mexican nationals, such as U.S. citizens and Canadians, to purchase coastal land in Mexico.  This bank trust in Mexico is known as a fideicomiso.  When talking about Baja real estate in English, most people use the term “bank trust” simply because it is easier to pronounce than fideicomiso, but when talking […]

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