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Palacio del Mar: High-end oceanfront development

If you come to Baja often, you have likely driven past Palacio del Mar, the high-end oceanfront development with two tall towers that stand out from the surrounding coast, just south of the dunes of Primo Tapia. Palacio del Mar started its development in 2006 when the real estate bubble was at its peak. Back […]

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8 FAQs Concerning Baja Real Estate

FAQ #1: What is the better and/or the most popular way for non-Mexican nationals to acquire Baja real estate? The most popular way is also by far the best way. Non-Mexican nationals prefer to own Baja real estate using the highest form of ownership that is possible for them. They use an instrument called a fideicomiso, […]

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Buying New Baja Real Estate – 8 Questions You Must Have Answered

When considering buying new Baja real estate from a developer in Mexico, it is important to understand the differences between the buying process you are accustomed to and what is common and legal in Mexico.  There are many financial and title transfer considerations that you should take into account.  This article will help you ask questions that […]

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