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palacio del mar ampi real estate caravan

Palacio del Mar AMPI Real Estate Caravan August 2019

The Real Estate Caravan is a monthly tour organized by AMPI (the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals) in which every member is invited to attend for an opportunity get to visit and know more about fabulous listings from other AMPI Realtors. This month, we were happy to include Palacio del Mar as one of […]

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Palacio del Mar: High-end oceanfront development

If you come to Baja often, you have likely driven past Palacio del Mar, the high-end oceanfront development with two tall towers that stand out from the surrounding coast, just south of the dunes of Primo Tapia. Palacio del Mar started its development in 2006 when the real estate bubble was at its peak. Back […]

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Why NOT to use a Mexican Corporation to Buy Baja Real Estate

As a non-Mexican citizen buying real estate in Baja, there are several ways to hold title.  The two highest forms of title come in the form of using a fideicomiso (a Mexican bank trust), or creating a Mexican corporation which will hold the title to your property.  Many people choose to use a Mexican corporation as […]

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Pricing Baja Real Estate to Sell – Must Do’s!

Pricing your home correctly is an important part of the selling equation. Pricing Baja real estate to sell takes more insight and market knowledge than pricing a property to sell in the U.S., where there are many multiple listing services available.  There are two main reasons why this is true. First, here in Baja, the MLS system […]

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Your Baja Property for Sale Online May Not Even Get Looked At!

“Internet Curb Appeal” – The New Concern in Baja Real Estate! According to AMPI/NAR, over 80% of all completed real estate transactions started with the home being viewed on the internet first!  AMPI, the most prominent organization of real estate agents in Rosarito, Baja California, is an affiliate of the National Association of Realtors, NAR.  […]

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Sell Your Baja Property to Google? Absolutely!

One New Way to Miss the Real Estate Boat! Many in the Baja real estate business, including agents, landlords, and developers, have the same challenge of getting their properties noticed online.  Of course, to tackle this challenge, you need good property photos and an understanding as to whom you are really communicating.  In today’s computer-based real estate […]

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Buyer-side Tax Considerations

This article is dedicated to the topic of all of the taxes a Baja real estate buyer will have to deal with during and after the buying process.  This includes the taxes you pay when you purchase the property, in front of the notario when you close, and the property taxes you will be paying […]

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Escrow in Baja Real Estate Transactions – Controlling Buyer Costs

Escrow in Baja The greatest differences between escrow services in a Baja Real Estate transaction and a U.S. real estate transaction are the timing and paying of escrow.  In the U.S., escrow services are generally paid at the close of the transaction with funds from the sale.  Here in Baja, most escrow companies charge escrow fees at […]

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8 FAQs Concerning Baja Real Estate

FAQ #1: What is the better and/or the most popular way for non-Mexican nationals to acquire Baja real estate? The most popular way is also by far the best way. Non-Mexican nationals prefer to own Baja real estate using the highest form of ownership that is possible for them. They use an instrument called a fideicomiso, […]

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Investing in Baja Real Estate: 2 important reasons

Baja is once again being looked upon as a good place for real estate investing. Those knowing the safety of Baja coastal areas are very optimistic about investing in Baja real estate. As a real estate investment destination, Baja is an excellent option for both the professional investor looking to grow his equity or cash […]

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