La Jolla Excellence Shopping and Dining

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Around La Jolla Excellence

Because of its excellent location, there are plenty of places to go near La Jolla Excellence. If you're looking for a place to dine, go shopping, or buying some art to decorate your home, you can find all of this and more within just a couple of minutes driving.


At the high end of the list is the Tapanco Steak House located south of La Jolla Excellence on the same side of the road. They have a nice old Western setting and a very complete menu that can help you satisfy any craving, from seafood, traditional Mexican food, and steak.

If you go just a couple of minutes south of La Jolla Excellence you'll come across the Mongolian Grill that has now been around for years and is highly recommended.

For fish tacos, try Tacos Junior which is located just outside of Jolla Excellence.

If you're looking for a new experience, the Ajenjo Latitud 54 59 serve French-Mexican fusion cuisine, featuring their famous Lobster Burrito.

Tequila and General Store

Across the street and a bit north from La Jolla del Mar is the Mercado Del Mar general store which has a great Tequila selection. The owner, Blass, is from Guadalajara, and takes great pride in his collection.


For Arts, go across the street and venture in either direction, north or south, to see the multitude of artists that work wrought iron, rustic wood furniture, oil on canvas, mosaics, and more.

This area or artworks along this boulevard is known “Boulevard Artesenal Popotla.”

If you're looking for Fine Art for you or as a gift, you can also visit the Baja Art and Tango Studio located just across the street from the Tapanco Steak House Restaurant. There you will find the gallery of Francisco Cabello and his wife, Lucille de Hoyos. They also give Tango classes and organize Milongas with an English speaking group if you'd like to learn to dance and meet new people!


There are two Pemex gas stations both to the north and south of La Jolla Excellence, you can fill up your tank before going out on a trip either way you're headed.