Baja Rental Information, Articles, & FAQs for Baja Renters & Baja Landlords

Baja Rentals and Utilities - Part 1 of 6 Articles

Utility costs and conveniences for long term Baja Rentals
by Mario Restrepo

Electricity for Your Baja Rental - Part 2 of 6 Articles

Of all the utilties, electricity is one you should keep an eye on.
by Mario Restrepo

Baja Renters Need Water - Part 3 of 6 Articles

Baja is dry.  Know how you are going to get water before you sign your rental contract.
by Mario Restrepo

Propane Savings for Your Baja Rental - Part 4 of 6 Articles

Propane will help you battle your electric bill, but will the place you rent have propane available?
by Mario Restrepo

Calling All Baja Rentals - Part 5 of 6 Articles

Telephone and internet to keep you internationally connected for pennies on the dollar
by Mario Restrepo

USA TV for English-Speaking Baja Renters - Part 6 of 6 Articles

You can get every Spanish-speaking channel you could ever want in Baja, but most Baja renters still want their TV to talk them in English.
by Mario Restrepo

Baja Rentals Information for Landlords - Some Key Points

Landlords of Baja Rentals should not steer away from these key points!
by Mario Restrepo 

Baja Rentals FAQ - Legal, Finance, Safety, and More

Frequently asked questions that will help the seasoned Baja renter as well as the 1st time Baja renter
by Mario Restrepo

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